January Indie Jukebox Rotation

By Marco Portiglia

“Hearts On Fire” – Scars On 45:  Out of their second EP the British quintet from  Bradford delivers, as lead singer Danny Bemrose would put it, “a gentle melodic intensity”. Their 70ies friendly folk-pop sound is a nice mix of fresh songwriting and nice melodies. The song features female singer Aimee Drive who, at times, reminds us of a certain Stevie Nicks…

“Heaven” – O.A.R. : First single off their new album “King”, the tune finds the Rockville natives on a new creative and musical direction, not concerned about living up to anybody (fans? critics??)’s expectations. Frontman Marc Roberge lyrics are brilliant: we don’t need a judgmental mystical far away Heaven when we can celebrate who we are and how we want to live here, on this earth….

“Lonely Boy” – The Black Keys: Vocalist/guitarist Dan Auerbach and drummer/producer Patrick Carney can make no wrong. On “Lonely Boy” the Ohio blues-rock duo push their all-American rock cool sound to an even faster speed. The song is a tough/tender deal: rousing-bluesy guitars, a certain southern feeling, a poppy beat and a reminder that even a badass rocker can be sensitive “I got a love that keeps me waiting”.

“Junk Of The Heart (Happy)” – The Kooks: Brighton Indie rockers The Kooks return after an (almost) four years absence with this sunny and Beatlesque melodic little song. Their style hasn’t changed much: Jangle-pop guitars, sparkly synths, a touch of Brit-Pop  and post-punk influences. Their songs aren’t here to change the music forever but to make us feel like there can be light even in the darkest nights.

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