Till I woke up on the concrete.

By Michael Traversa

Katy Perry: Part of Me pretty much follows the steps of Truth or Dare: In bed with Madonna as it’s very well structured between concert footage and Katy’s backstory on her shot to fame, her long struggle to achieve success, throughout different record labels and different ways producers wanted to market her. Here comes the problem though.
The movie walks a fine line between documentary and infomercial. How much of that is really true, how much the truth is bent to promote the Katy Perry brand? Truth be told nowadays just talent won’t cut it, you need to create a persona to stand out in the crowd. There’s even been a moment not too long ago when to differentiate all these pop stars each one had a different color in their hair: Avril Lavigne was green, Rihanna was red, Katy Perry was blue and so on. Katy didn’t want to be another Avril Lavigne, and yet she’s now this character, bubbly fairytale character all wigs and makeup, it’s not just about the music. We all know record companies want to find ‘the new’ of this and that and she wanted to be the first Katy. Well done. But in the end she did create a public persona that was far away from that cute girl playing a ‘good song’ on her guitar at the Hotel Cafe. Just like Lady Gaga did to get attention (watch her video of playing piano at young age in a similar club to get what I mean).

So did the story really happen the way it’s told? We may never know, regardless there’s real talent, persistence and dedication behind it. There are also a lot of little moments which can give an idea how she really is in real life. And what she was like growing up. I also liked seeing the environment she came from, her habit of rolling eyes already at young age showing a craving for more in life. Overall the movie is well done, her entourage is fun, more than anything I liked seeing her without makeup, she’s much prettier that way.

I was surprised to see Russell Brand in it, I figured she would want to cut him out, instead he’s very well in the picture; which may confirm the genuine intentions of a film that chronicles one year in her life. Like I said it’s a fine line between a documentary and big promo.
Some press has been looking into what she says about not wanting a baby (“I’m a baby. A baby can’t have a baby”) as a reason for her break up. I don’t believe that. That’s just a comment taken out of context, and the situation is much more complicated than that. I think what really happened only the two of them know and that’s the way it should be. Sure it might have played a part, as been far away from each other for long time. I like what she says that she firmly believed and somehow she still does, despite all, that (I’m paraphrasing here) when you find love the other should accept you for all you are, long trips around the world and desire for fandom approval included, there isn’t that much to figure out, otherwise it just a part of him/her you’re loving. Well said. Ah, the fairytale of love. Like a wise man said ‘It’s love, not Santa Clause‘.
I felt really sorry she didn’t get to enjoy her largest attendance at a show in Brazil because of her personal life getting in the way.

The 3D adds practically nothing, as this has been largely converted in post; songs are catchy though, it shouldn’t surprise all the number ones she managed to have in a row (itself a record, it’s said) and one can’t help leaving the theatre mumbling the words of Wide Awake, Katy Perry’s latest hit playing over the end credits.

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