Turn it up. VMA 2013

By Michael Traversa
vma013I haven’t seen a VMA this good in at least a decade. The Michael Jackson Video Vanguard award went to Justin Timberlake who in return graced the audience with a 20 minute performance, a Superbowl style medley of all the hits. He even brought back on stage the ‘N Sync for a long desired reunion (just like Beyonce did with Destiny’s child at the Superbowl. I guess it’s standard practice now). Showstopper. Well deserved award.  And what a speech Jimmy Fallon! You can tell when somebody he’s sincere.

Forget that Mtv managed to give an award to One Direction. Song of the summer? Really? Wasn’t this show supposed to be about videoclips? That beat the likely best song of the summer Get Lucky but hey this show has become a popularity contest long time ago.

Taylor Swift managed to ‘rob’ another award, where’s Kanye when you need him? Turns out Kanye West was killing it on stage for another theatrical performance. The song reminds a bit too much of Heartless… he was good nevertheless.

Quick bits: I really enjoyed the incursion of Jennifer Hudson on Macklemore and apparently Jaden Smith is big fan of Drake. Bruno Mars proved once again that he’s a master at live performances. He’s much better live than on record.

Miley Cyrus promised a crazy moment and with all the twerking and all the tongue sticking out she did just that. Flash news for you Miley: you are not Rihanna.

Lady Gaga‘s opening was an instant classic; on the other hand Katy Perry‘s Roar which ended the show from the Brooklyn Bridge seemed lip synched at times…

Timberlake walked away with Best Video of the year for Mirrors, again well deserved.  Incidentally Joseph Gordon Levitt should be the host for next year, he’s really multitalented.

Final note: wasn’t Daft Punk supposed to perform? Wasn’t that the reason for all the drama and the scrapped performance on Colbert Report?

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